Julia Hetta | Out of Context |Grundemark Nilsson Gallery | 9 April – 21 May [SE]


Julia Hetta

Out of Context

Grundemark Nilsson Gallery [SE]

9 April  –  21 May











Every now and then someone emerges with a vision so different that it changes the way we look at pictures. Like the early daylight that enters a room in stillness, the photographs of Julia Hetta seeps gently into our consciousness and entices us with whispers of reassuring, elegant power. Classical in manner and poised with flawless technique, her pictures seem to have traveled fervently through several centuries before reaching a cool and contemporary destination. Here, their translucent appearance could seem almost otherworldly if they hadn’t been bejeweled with Hetta’s warm and familiar depth.

Julia Hetta is a photographer of the digital age but unlike many of her peers that have a new-found interest in shooting on film today, she has a long and passionate history with the old craft of picture making, exposed to photography since childhood through her father who had a darkroom in their basement in Uppsala. The three years she spent studying photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam involved infinite hours of solitary dedication in the darkroom. It was a period she remembers as lonely and peculiar, finding solace in the Rijksmuseum where the faces portrayed in the master paintings became real, like flesh and blood in front of her peering eyes.

Excerpt from text by— Thomas Persson
London, March 2016.

Images courtesy of  the Artist and Gallery

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