Werewolf! at OVERGADEN – [DK]




02. APRIL 29. MAY 2016




Photo: Anders Sune Berg



Photo: Anders Sune Berg



Photo: Anders Sune Berg



Photo: Anders Sune Berg

Climate Crisis, financial crisis, refugee crisis, confidence crisis, the welfare crisis, government crisis … As a boy, who in Aesop’s classic fable again and again cries “Wolf!” So nobody finally believe him when it really counts, has a sustained crisis rhetoric in recent years put its distinctive mark on the public debate.

Aided by increased spin-culture and a news-hungry media machinery can debate seems to have gone into overdrive with real effects in society – from political alienation to Symbol legislation. But to what extent are the threats we face, real or imagined? What are the consequences media image parlance for our understanding of fundamental democratic values of openness, tolerance and dialogue? And we can change the world by changing our story about it?

Questions like these constitute the starting point for the exhibition Werewolf! That unfolds as a poetic social critique in the intersection between art, language and politics. As a framework for the exhibition, the author Kasper Nørgaard Thomsen written a new interpretation of Sergei Prokofiev’s musical fairy tale Peter and the Wolf (1936), which reflects on the welfare state crisis. Against this background, a number of artists from home and abroad have been invited to respond to the text in the form of new works, among other things, featuring sculptural satires of the Scandinavian nuclear family, musical analyzes of politician talking, disturbing war collages and video about new ideologies based on surrealism.

The exhibition consists of two parts, the first of which constitutes a spatial and narrative in three acts. The story moves on kritisk- humorous way from the idyll and prosperity of cacophony and seduction to powerlessness and resignation. From different perspectives diving works into the crisis being to identify some of the most prominent political, social and psychological issues and mechanisms that characterize the time. The findings are not conclusive, and the story does not stop here; for if the word may seem like tiny doses of arsenic by the German philologist Victor Klemperer has put it, they also act as antidote.

The exhibition’s last section thus encourages reflection on and dialogue on the issues and themes that are brought into play to explore the basis for new forms of language, stories and discretion. As a key element includes an event program, in addition to performances, readings and concerts consist of presentations by and discussions with key professionals and policy makers.

Participating artists: Ann Louise Andersen (DK), Aurora Sander (NO), Francisco Montoya Cázarez (MX), Lise Harlev (DK), Marie Kølbæk Iversen (Denmark), Henrik Plenge Jakobsen (DK), Convoy (DK), Peter Land (DK), Mikkel Ploug (DK), Cia Rinne (FI), Johannes Sivertsen (DK), Iris Smeds (SE), Jasper Sebastian Stürup (DK), Christian Wind (DK).

The exhibition is curated by Anna Holm.

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