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TWISTER,It is a great pleasure to welcome Marlon Wobst (1983) back to the gallery for his second solo exhibition presenting a body of new paintings and ceramic sculptures. Wobst lives and works in Berlin. Twister is a game, that takes place on the floor. It has a plastic mat with color circles, and a spinner tells you what part of the body you have to place where. Because of the scarcity of the colored circles, players will often have to twist their bodies in unusual and precarious manners, and a player is ruled out if you lose your balance and fall. A synonym to twisting might be turning. In Danish the word “twist” is used, when you want to express that something has been changed in a way which adds a refreshing element to the original matter. In the floor game new joint bodies or sculptures are created. A personal and unorthodox interpretation of something familiar is a central part of Wobst´s artistic practice.

As a viewer you feel disarmed. The vivid effortlessness in the works makes an impression. This applies in form as well as content. Marlon Wobst´s focus is on colour, composition and the haptic quality of the paint. He seems to be connected to an inexhaustible and free source of subjects and situations, that he lets with often ambiguous meaning. Everything he sees and experiences is absorbed as a nourishment for his work with his prefered materials, canvas and oil paint and for this exhibition also clay and glaze. With loose and yet resolute brush strokes the work is characterized by the interaction between the surface and the detail, the subtle and the imperfect. There is a twist. It is like a mischievous phrase in a good book. You have to go back and read it again, what did it actually say ? How was it put together? Wobst belongs to a group of younger contemporary artists ,who have deliberately replaced the more theoretical based art with an intuitive approach, which is also dedicated to the figurative. Marlon Wobst undauntedly conveys the complexities of the everyday and common heirlooms with intellectual and challenging humour. Coinciding with the exhibition at KANT, Wobst presents a solo exhibition at the Kunsthal Charlottenborg at the annual Spring Exhibition / Forårudstilling as the artist won the International Prize in 2015.

Images courtesy of Galleri Kant

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