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Frieze London has become something more than just one of the many big art fairs. It´s grown to an touring art institution , attracting the biggest names in art scene as the curious tourist.

Since it´s launch some 13 years ago frieze London re-appears in Regents park with over 160 galleries from all over the world all focusing on contemporary art. The steady stream of visitors mostly resembles a Rolling Stones concert in Hyde park. Frieze´s latest addition some 4 years ago is the sister fair Frieze Masters. Master´s focuses on the the mid-century and ancient art. With the parts combined it´s no wonder why a weekend pass could come in hand.

In 2013 Nicola Lees was appointed task as the new curator for Frieze London. For the 2015 edition she curated seven new commissions by, Asad Raza Lutz Bacher, Jeremy Herbert Thea Djordjadze, castillo/corrales, ÅYRBRB and Rachel Rose who was the winner of the 2015 Frieze Artist Award. Regent´s park is once a year home to an art spectacle of epic proportions with the the sculpture park being part of the experience since 2012. Selected by Clare Lilley from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park it brings the last piece of a complete art experience.

The main entrance consists of a long black corridor installation with scribbles and writings on the walls with a purgatorial feeling before reaching the light of the tunnel, the rigorous security checkpoint for both in and out goers. This also feels like a rock concert or airport security check point. Looking at the exhibitor map in its many different colors makes its easier to get an over look of the fair. I decide to take the casual stroll until i see the same thing twice before looking at the map. The 2015 edition of Freize Art fair is arier and some what easier to over look. The cramped feeling is as good as gone and the ails wider. The over all feeling is that it´s a safe fair. The most crowd pleasing objects become instagram hashtags and are strategically placed so. The vast impressions from the thousands of works displayed are always daunting. The green section has some interesting works on display but nothing that we haven´t seen before. And thats the general feeling for the last years edition. It´s all there, but thats it. Nothing really that stands out.

Perhaps has Frieze passed the stage of being an arena of cutting edge art and instead  mostly displays the most commercial going and the years art flavor. Again, it´s a buyers market so the participating galleries make the final call on what to display.

Frieze is one of the absolute highlights of the art year but its safe.

A personal favorite is  outside in the sculpture garden where Anri Sala´s musical performance is on display. His work on the element of music in arts continuous to play with our senses. Also being represented by gallery Kuriman Zutto inside the main hall where he was a visual favorite with his skull and snare drum installation.




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