Marie Capaldi – Anchoress at S.P.G. 7 April – 7 May 2016 [SE]


Marie Capaldi



7 April – 7 May 2016 [SE]








If Marie Capaldi in her earlier paintings, was devoted to reflections and identity through portraying twin daughters, she is now focusing on solitude and seclusion, in this her third exhibition at SPG.

This insight where we all, to some extent, are staying in. Sometimes, now and then …

In Marie’s case, this latent existential alarm was reinforced from her father’s death last year, which led to a darker palette and then unexpectedly made leaps into red and orange, as a kind of signal of liberation and change, mainly on a inner plane.

Like Dante with his Beatrice, Capaldi takes Van Gogh and the medieval mystic Julian of Norwich to the hand, undertakes this in the shape of a cat for this trip. A journey which, as stated above, in a way with black, at a beloved relative’s demise and ends in defiant and brilliant red and orange.

But to simply call Marie’s new paintings “The red paintings” would be to simplify. One might miss the anachronistic skill with which Marie Capaldi embarks to portray such neat material things, like a fur coat or a beautifully dormant tail.

Through its closest 1800-century tenacity, Capaldi makes them, in turn, the bearer of inner spiritual strength and integrity. In sharp contrast to these, there are also some paintings in which the style is placard flat, where the subject matter is more like a picture riddle where the twins revisit amongst the cherry trees. A garden Marie often has returned to…

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