Mette Winckelmann – WELCOME HAND [DK]


Mette Winckelmann – WELCOME HAND

Avlskarl Gallery – Denmark

March / April 2016











“WELCOME HAND”. Mette Winckelmann solo exhibition at Avlskarl Gallery examines the interaction between hand, material and space. Just hand and its characters have always played a crucial role, especially back in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Hand sign could be read as both a blessing and a curse – and still today it is linked to the presence, needs and desires, the body’s tool that enables action. The works in the exhibition are pieces of already processed, woven and dyed fabric cut and taken out of its original context, to then be collected in a new context, a design based on a kind of grid. This grid is formed from the individual work own goal and in each work handled this starting point differently. Collage surface leaves no doubt about just the hand’s physical presence. Folder, frayed edges and layered structures lead to and manifests rhythm and repetition, and in the exhibition both less concentrated and more monumental works handed out by the entire body.

In connection with the vernissage “WELCOME HAND” March 10, 2016, includes reception for Mette Winckelmann artist-book, which also carries the title of the exhibition. The book is based on equality issues, discussions about identity and conditions, and published in connection with the 100th anniversary of the adoption of the Danish Constitution of 1915. Women could now participate in elections as voters and as candidates. Another group also got the vote in 1915, “people hold”: people in agriculture, servants or apprentices and journeymen in the trade and craft.

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