12 MAY – 5 JUNE 2016

At the opening, Roxy Farhat will read parts of Dimen Abdulla’s text “Self Portrait.”









Linnea Rygaard (1990) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Rygaard has a BFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, attended the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture in ME, USA, and is currently an MFA candidate at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, graduating in May 2016. Linnea Rygaard has previously shown her work at Tsukuba Art Museum in Tsukuba, Japan, Skowhegan in Maine, USA, Körsbärsgårdens konsthall Gotland, Galleri Olsson Stockholm and Liljevalchs vårsalong, Stockholm, among others.
Impressive in scale, Linnea Rygaard’s paintings make reference to the body, landscape, and architecture. Consisting of angled panels of solid colour, her paintings engage considerations of architectural space and often incorporate different perspectival dimensions in their resolution. These perceptual contradictions create an experience of looking in which the composition of the picture is continuously shifting and reshifting.

Liva Isakson Lundin (1990) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Liva Isakson Lundin has a BFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and is currently an MFA candidate at the school, graduating in May 2016. She has previously shown her work at Västerås Konstmuseum, Palladium in Malmö, Fylkingen Stockholm, Kulturhuset Stockholm.
At ANNAELLEGALLERY, Liva Isakson Lundin presents “Contruction”, an installation demonstrating the relationship between materials and their spatial conditions. Constructed with materials related to bodily experiences such as weight, strength and balance, she allows the materials to visualize movements in a static state.

Oskar Hult (1986) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Hult has a BFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, attended Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Wien, Austria, and is currently pursuing an MFA at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Hult has previously shown his work at Galleri Projekt Rummet in Helsingfors, Tsukuba Art Museum in Tsukuba, Japan, Klasse Kirsi Mikkola in Wien, and at Konstnärshuset in Stockholm.
Oskar Hult explores the paraodoxicial qualities of spontaneity and restraint, producing series of paintings that are simulataneously delibrate and whimsical. Working dense layers of paint on the canvas, Hult creates playful and intimate gestures of human experience. In an ongoing process of invention and discovery, organic forms, fabric, smears, scrathes and scibbles form a space between language and the pictorial.

Simon deBrée (1985) is from Vancouver Island, Canada but lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Simon deBrée received a Bachelor in Visual Arts at Emily Carr University of Art+Design, Vancouver Canada. Recently, he has shown his works at Access Gallery in Vancouver Canada, PLX konstauktion in Stockholm and Malmö, Hangmen Projects in Stockholm, among others.
Simon deBree’s work is concerned with the daily act of painting, adding and removing layers of oil paint, until a finished image emerges from the density of the repeated working. The images that are created from the process of painting are windows into a primordial world, appearing as objects in nature, shadowy landscapes, and biomorphic forms. The images of nature that unconsciously creep into the paintings come from the artist’s lived environment, in the forests of Småland, as well as his upbringing close to the wilderness in western Canada.

Dimen Abdulla (1984) has since her studies at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Bishop Arnö and Stockholm Acadamy of Dramatic Arts become one of Sweden’s latest dramatic voices. Her debut monologue “On all four” was selected to The Swedish Biennial for Performing Arts in 2015 and her debut play “Revolution” at Ung scen/öst was selected to Bibu (the most important performing arts biennial for children and youth in Sweden) in 2016. She is currently with “Nomnomnom ” at the Young Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm and “Och någon blev inte knivhuggen” at the Uppsala City Theatre. She writes for Gothenburg Folk Theatre, Stockholm City Theatre, and the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Her texts can also be found on BANG, 10 ‘s, Critics, and Space Math.

Roxy Farhat (1984) is a video and performance artist whose work mixes politics, kitsch, and pop culture with humor as well as seriousness. Her works are often autobiographical and play with both low-budget aesthetics and withe refence to cinema. She has done collaborations with Minimum Competency and LA- based group United Colors of Bitchaton, among others. Besides art, Roxy Farhat also works as a music video director and has made award-winning videos with artists such as The Knife, Zhala, and Gnucci.

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