JARL INGVARSSON – Åtta Fönster/Eight Windows at Lars Bohman Gallery 25 August – 24 September 2016 [SE]



Åtta Fönster/Eight Windows

Lars Bohman Gallery

25 August – 24 September 2016



Dubbel Vresros, 2016 Oil on canvas 300 x 247 cm



Asylstäderna, 2016 Oil on canvas 300 x 257 cm



Perfekt Periferi, 2016 Oil on canvas 294 x 270 cm







Images courtesy of the Gallery and Artist


Jarl Ingvarsson´s latest exhibition Eight Windows/ 8 Fönster is currently on display at Lars Bohman Gallery in Stockholm Sweden. It´s a perfect example of how an artist expression only ages by the digits on their id card.

Jarl Ingvarsson is a household name in the Scandinavian art scene and has managed to translate his well-known figurative expression in to a vibrant abstract form.

 Jarl Ingvarsson has very hands on and rough approach to his works. They are made with layers upon layers of thick strokes of oil and paint. Studio debris gets stuck on the canvas and left as relics from the studio giving his oil paintings a rough and sculptural feeling.

 Even though the works are abstract, and the only definitive figurative area is a partly printed footprint, the works bare a strong resemblance to his figurative works. The brush strokes and mark making is of the same as in his flower suite or Strindberg inspired works. Here the artist decides to stop before the gesture becomes a definitive object.

 Balancing his pallet from oil to acrylics, aerosol spray to crayons shows an artist not limiting himself to a pallet safe zone. This vibrant and well curated show attracts fans of the abstract expressionism era. Some of the paintings have several areas left unpainted exposing the bare canvas letting the dense paintings breath.

 It´s raw expression brings thoughts to Cy Twombly´s works of the early 1990´s whilst the studio process bares some resemblance to the more contemporary “fermented” paintings by Oscar Murillo. By letting some of the works lay flat on the studio floor whilst attracting drips of paint from other works making the transition from artist studio to white clean gallery space even more interesting.

Jarl Ingvarsson´s Eight Windows displays a cavalcade of large-scale works by an artist with a perfect pitch for colors and technique.

 The original idea of how the works where to be presented was un-stretched canvases hung by nail directly on to the wall. However the idea was changed. And the works where stretched and mounted on to custom-made box like stretcher bars.

 When the artist and gallery decided to display the works mounted on frames instead of hanging loosely, the smaller parts of canvases function as puzzle pieces giving the paintings an even more sculptural patchwork feeling.

Overall this is a painters painting exhibition, and probably the best I have seen by Jarl Ingvarsson so far. 



Leonard Johansson

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